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INOX 1000 G

Inox 1000G.webp

INOX series FMW Sprayers were introduced in the year 2001, since then we have managed to improve our machines and defy all odds, to a completion of the product we get results that our customers need, including bonus benefits and special order application options in technology, for example: Computer and GPS accuracy systems, electrostatic spraying, tracking, and automated controls  

Plus, our patented Italian fan units with high CFM vs low HP ratio gives our customers the opportunity to use smaller tractors, with big results of application, meaning less fuel, and less time.

With our reversed suction fan, you can improve the spraying, with higher volume of air and avoiding the clogging of leaves and debris on the protector grill and maximize the spray volume of the application and reach dense tree foliage at higher altitudes, for trees like pecans almonds mangos and avocado 

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