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SteadySteer Features

Complete System

One powerful interface does it all – combine steering with planting, application, harvest controls and more. 


Repeatable Accuracy 

Up to sub-inch (<2.5cm) repeatable accuracy correction keeping your vehicle on the guidance line.  


Terrain Compensation 

Nine-axis terrain compensation provides line holding performance, including in rolling ground, waterways, ditches and terraces.  


Advanced Guidance Features 

Advanced guidance pattern options and guidance line management across your operation. 

Find the Perfect System for You 
Entry-level Guidance Bundle 

Start by bringing guidance accuracy into any operation with the InCommand 800 Guidance Package.

Next-level Guidance + Control 

InCommand 800 brings guidance plus Implement control and yield monitoring. 

Full-Featured Year-Round Control  

InCommand 1200 offers the highest level of visibility and control year-round. 

See Your Operation in Real Time

Use AgFiniti to view data from home or while you’re on the road.

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